Video Brochure

Video brochure is a brand new concept for promoting products & services. The best and the most hot selling promotional tool that helps you promote your products and services just by opening the brochure.

The brochure has a LED/LCD screen inside that would display the video or the slide show. Once the flap/cover of the brochure is lifted the video starts and stops when the flap is closed.

There are 4 types of screens available 2.4inches, 4.3inches, 7inches and 10inches. The video will appear with decent resolution. There are buttons like play,pause,previous,next,volume plus/minus for controlling the videos.

The memory size of the brochure starts from 128mb to 8gb. A data cable is also provided for charging the brochure and managing the memory. The product is re-usable and the videos can be changed anytime as required by oneself.

The Default size of the brochure is A5,ie, 5.27inches x 8.27inches. The size of the product and the design of the product can be customized in any format as per requirement.

This product can be customized in many formats like:
Video Brochure/Catalog
Video Invitation Card
Digital Photo Album
Digital Display Board
Video Business Cards

Different kinds of covers are available:
Soft Cover
Hard Cover

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